Friday, December 20, 2013

And the waiting begins...

Today marked the last day of our time together.  I was able to visit with our little love's foster family in the home where she is now living with them.  It was such an honor to visit with them in their home and to see what her first home ever looks like... to see a little face popping up at the window as I approached, hugs and kisses to the point where I could barely get my coat off, being handed a cookie off the plate of cookies by her, having her sit on my lap and eat the last part of my food off my plate (just like her sister!), seeing her put her very first ornament on her very first Christmas tree, and to spend in time with her amazingly loving and generous foster family... a family where the parents give up their room and sleep on a cot in the living room so that they can fit the requirements to foster children...

Part of our hearts will continue to stay here, just as it has for this entire past year... but it was only until recently that our hearts can now sleep with peace because we know she has spent her last days in an orphanage.  She is now LOVED, TRIVING, and HAPPY.  I truly believe if we could hand pick any family in her country to care for her, to show her all her 'firsts' of life, we would not have found a more perfect and loving family than the one she has.  They give so selflessly and with such deep love... not only to our sweet one, but in the past to several other foster children.  And they will continue to do so.  They have literally given a voice to the voiceless and a life to the lifeless... an example to us all of what it means to truly love another person.

I know that in the weeks and months to come the ache to hold and love our sweet one will grow intensely, but this evening here, back in her country's capital city, awaiting a good rest and early flight home, I am at peace because she is with a family and she is loved.  No more does she rock herself to sleep, or cause her face to bleed because she is trying so hard to pacify and soothe herself.  Now she is rocked, sung to, and tucked into bed.  We are so grateful...

Watch the twilight from my head
Hanging on a brighter thread
Little darling, till I see you once again
~David Gray




  1. Oh Britney! Beautiful post! Bittersweet, but oh so hopeful and filled with promise! Love you! By the way....can you email me your mailing address so that we can send you a Christmas card?

  2. Just sent! Thank you for reading... the power of God's love humbles me! Much love!