Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update and such...

Since we started our journey of adoption it seems between all the piles of paperwork and fingerprints that one word happens often.  Waiting.

It seems we are always waiting - for a clearance to arrive, for an email/phone call to be returned, for the 'next step' to happen.

For the most part it seems that just at the time we get tired of waiting, the thing we were waiting for has arrived and we sigh, smile and move on to the next 'thing to do'.


We are still waiting, but now we are waiting for the last thing - court

Yes, we are waiting to hear, 'Your dossier has now been submitted to the courts, your judge has been assigned, your court date is...'

We promise, as soon as we hear, we will let you know.

We are just starting to become a little impatient, perhaps it is just around the bend, or not.

Yet while we wait there is a little girl who is not waiting any longer.  With her foster family she is flourishing and knowing this makes our waiting seem easy (kind of...). 

While not every kid gets to play in the snow (after all, it does not snow everywhere)  it is a pretty amazing day to be a 5 year old and play in the snow for your very first time... especially since it has snowed outside your walls every winter since the time you were born...

Yes, little one, snowmen are amazing!!!


  1. What blessing to have these pictures! Praying for your court date!

  2. What an amazing blessing to have this contact with the foster family! I'm sure it helps to ease the waiting pains ..... a teeny bit anyway :) I cant wait to hear about court!!

  3. Thanks, friends! We were told yesterday we should be hearing about court any day now... trying not to think about it, but in truth, it is constantly on my mind... as you both know very well :)